That’s: a fridge situation.

It’s no secret that my fridge is my least favorite part of the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t change a thing because it truly is the best and most functional layout option in the 9’x7′ space- but I still am not a huge fan of how it “floats”.

The fridge is actually in the same place as it was all along, but now it actually opens into the kitchen, instead of opening onto the landing outside the kitchen. We tore one wall down, and built a new one in a different spot.

Old view: the trim on the left belongs to the doorway out of the kitchen. Those stairs lead to the scary basement. The stairs go right under the fridge, which is why the fridge has to be a foot off the ground- for headroom.

We tore out the wall to the left of the doorway, and closed in a little compartment for the fridge. No more exiting the kitchen to get a drink of apple juice- hooray!

However, now I am left with a bit of an awkward floating fridge. (Oh and also, I plan on doing something for the top to fill in that big void- baskets? Cute crates? A built-in shelf? A curtain? Suggestions are appreciated as always.)

So here’s my question- how do I finish off below it to make the levitating fridge seem less noticeable? Above’s solution: I had the cabinet guy make me a false drawer front to put there, so it would look more intentional. I could even put a handle on it to make it look real. Keep in mind it’s just leaning on the wall, so it would look better than that.



I could tile it with the same tile as the floor so it looks more continuous. The platform underneath the fridge is tiled in case of fridge leaking disaster, so if I tiled in front of it it may fool the eye into thinking that it’s all just floor. Okay it probably wouldn’t actually fool anyone, but it may make it less glaring.

OR- I could do nothing- just paint it and call it good.

If I were rich or maybe just smarter, I would have gotten one of those fridges that looks like your cabinets. Oops, too late now. Honestly I don’t mind it being higher as far as functionality- it’s a small fridge so even a shortie like me can reach everything. I love how I didn’t have to take up precious kitchen space with it, now I just need to make it look like it fits.