…glad it’s not mine!

That is a direct quote from my dear father the day he arrived to help with the kitchen remodel. And how true it was!

Let’s do a quick budget breakdown of my kitchen, shall we? Some prices are exact, others are approximate. May or may not include sales tax.

Professional custom cabinets $2650

Floor (tile, grout, etc) $165

Professional plumbing (includes faucet) $1175

Labor F-R-E-E (ok maybe it cost me some Mexican food here and there)

Stove $550

Fridge $480

Range hood $400

Sink $200

Random supplies picked up by my slaves renovation team or myself and I that I don’t even know what exactly they’re for (could include electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, pieces of wood and trim, 2x4s and other lumber, etc) ~$1600

New back door $96

Dishwasher $380

Countertops $200

Dinner for slaves renovation team ~$200

Total $8096

I know, this has got to be the crappiest budget breakdown ever to grace the pages of a home renovation blog, but I’m just not that organized. I looked through my statements and saw “Home Depot” or “Lowe’s” and just lumped them all together in the “random supplies…” category.

Money yet to evaporate:

Backsplash $?

I think that an entire kitchen tearout and replacement including all appliances and custom cabinets, plus updated plumbing and electrical,  for around $8k is not too bad. Looking back, I was pretty clueless as far as how much these things cost. I had so much help. Thank you so much to:

My dad and brothers for installing the cabinets and doing various other things

This face says “I want to be here.”

Stan and his dad and brother for doing a ton of electrical work and making my kitchen super functional for the modern homeowner on the go!

My awesome cabinet builder and plumber who both do quality work and are honest (not like they read my blog, but thanks)

My readers for giving me advice and support every time I whinily ask for it

My sweet sis who is awesome at looking around and seeing what needs to be done (I’ll be sharing one of her projects soon)

My mom who is the same way (and whose project I’ll feature shortly as well)

My friends for giving me advice and listening to my endless blabbing about my house

My sister-in-law for being patient while Matt was helping me, and bringing around some of the cutest kids on the planet to help cut the tension

My realtor Tommie, and Stan’s mom for helping me find her, and my mortgage guy Ian

The US Government for giving me an $8000 housewarming gift

I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, but just know that I am truly grateful and I could not have done this without all the people above and probably then some. I can’t wait till I do the finishing touches and can do a big REVEAL like all the cool bloggers do! Thanks for reading!