This is a pic of my house shortly after I bought it. The roof has been completely torn off and redone, I tore off the ugly awning thing over the window, and I replaced the front door because the previous one had been used as a dog’s chew toy, scratching post, and bathroom. For those of you who only know me in cyberspace and never had the privilege of coming inside my house when I bought it, let me just say that I wish there was a way to put a scratch n sniff on my blog. Or not, because I like you more than that. But this post is not about the smell of dog pee so strong it grosses out the sewer line inspector (the sewer line inspector!)– it’s about doors!

Anyway. So here’s a pic of my house, showcasing my new $40 front door (behind the storm door that was in surprisingly good shape).

Let’s get a closer look. It was $40 for a reason, which is that it desperately needed paint.

This is where my sweet sis comes in. I had some brick red paint lying around from one of Jonny’s old paint jobs, so she took it upon herself to use it! I was skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. Then she went a step further and took my little doggy door mat to Lowe’s and found some green paint to match for the storm door.

The end result (sorry about the glare):

The place isn’t quite ready for it’s shot in Curb Appeal magazine, but I think the door really sweetens it up.