First of all, thank you all so much for your sweet comments to me about Misty. You guys made me cry (the good way) and truly made me feel better. What wonderful people there are in blogland! And in case you are wondering, I am doing better now, though I still miss her. Okay before I pull another Glenn Beck I better talk about something involving less emotions, like backsplashes.

I am stuck! Absolutely stuck. Which is why I haven’t finished the kitchen (definitely not because of laziness or lack of ambition…). I do realize that this blog is becoming more and more about me cluelessly asking for advice from all you kind souls and less about providing you with delicious “after” photos, but bear with me.

A while back I wrote this post about tile, and I got good feedback on this lovely greenish glass tile backsplash:

One problem is the price. These glassy beauts are around $15-$20 per square foot, or $3-$5 per 3×6 tile. Even in my little kitchen, that’s still a few hundred dollars.

I also have another problem, which is that I think I went a little too modern and cool in the kitchen, and it doesn’t really “go” with the rest of the house- the cute arch, the more cottagey feel… Tell me what you think.

Does this clean-lined (albeit unfinished) cool-toned kitchen:

work with this?

Things to note: the microwave is now gone; try to visualize the arch at the very top of the picture even though this is a bad pic; the blue wall doesn’t have to stay though it may have to wait for my laziness to dissipate; and that rug can go. Also, the wood floors will look better someday.

I’ve said it a billion times: I am not a designer, not even close. The only reason I even care is because I want to fit in with all the cool house blogs. Just kidding, but maybe 5% not kidding. But I really do want my home to be nice, inviting, “cohesive”, and all those other good design words.

Then I had a crazy idea. What if I tape up some white subway tiles (did I mention they are about 30 cents each?) that are leftover from the bathroom just to see what it would look like?

I feel like I should be hearing some big shot designer shout at me “Girrrrrrl! No way!” But let me plead my case:

  1. White subway tile has that cottage charm, which may be what my kitchen needs so it fits in with the rest of the house.
  2. I like white subway tile, but I’m just not sure if I like it in this room.
  3. Did I mention that it’s cheap?

So just tell me if I’m crazy. Does the kitchen mis-match the house? Does it matter? Should I spring for the glass beauties or is that too extravagant and are they not that cool anyway? Do the white subway tiles clash? Would they even accomplish the goal of tying the kitchen in with the rest of the house anyway? Should I change the feel of the rest of the house rather than trying to suddenly make the kitchen “match”? Any other ridiculous questions I haven’t thought of?

You know I love to hear from ya!