says the TV. I watch my TV approximately 1.5 times per month. One of those times is when I host weekly Biggest Loser night (yes, my 3 besties and I are geeks like that), and the other .5 is when we watch a Netflix on something other than a laptop. The TV has been in the guest bedroom, and the futon in there gets pretty uncomfortable after an hour and a half of watching people sweat!

Normally I am opposed to having a TV in your front room. You walk in, and BAM there’s the TV, alerting all your guests to what a shallow, vegetative person you are. But when you live in an 816 sq ft house that has somehow managed to squeeze in 2 bedrooms, you kind of have to make do. Therefore I made the decision that I care more about enjoying Meet Joe Black from the comfort of my buttery yellow couch instead of the black futon that should really be reserved for punishing your spouse when they’ve pissed you off, than I do about looking high-brow and intellectual with my non-TV living room. (Note to all those who are lucky enough to have a separate den- I’m just jealous.)

I’ve been struggling with a living room layout. Since the thing is so D-A-M small, I wanted to buy new furniture- maybe a smaller, sleeker couch and some ottomans, a chaise, a chair… But my laziness and fear of dipping into my savings due to my car’s delight in dying at stoplights and watching me frantically turn the key saying “C’monnnnnn. c’mon c’mon c’monnnnnnnnn” until it starts again, has prevented me from doing so. So for now, my $110 Craigslist couch can stay.

I’ve also been wanting a new TV stand, because I wasn’t lying about using a night stand.

But in the spirit of my “use what you have” mantra (I have a mantra?), I decided to temporarily employ my coffee table as a TV stand.

Here’s my living room sans TV.

Yikes, and apparently I should employ myself as a maid for a few minutes and mop under where the couch used to be. I feel like a normal person wouldn’t post a picture until they mopped up the dust. Eh, well.

I would love to get a flat panel TV someday (who am I kidding- I would love to get one now) but once again, I am far too cheap to give up my freebie tube in favor of a younger, $380 model. For now I’ll just camouflage it with plants.

Katrina at Chic Little House did a great post about decorating with a TV in mind, so I will be revisiting that when I actually start hanging things on the walls. Fun fact: the only pictures that are currently hanging on any wall in my house are three framed photos that Stan gave me for my birthday… and that he hung. I guess I need to “nest” more.

So what do you think? Any strong opinions on visible TVs in the front room? Anything you think I should splurge on to make this living room feel a little less “I got every freakin item in this room secondhand or free”?