Currently I’m glad I live on kind of the “less affluent” side of Salt Lake. Why? Because my neighbors are patient about my front yard looking like this:

And my back porch looking like this:

You’ll be happy to know that the ahem- awesome truck bed trailer is now gone (really Jonny, it was awesome for hauling away my old kitchen, so thanks). It will be dearly missed as a driveway ornament.

Do you see anything on top of the junk pile on the right side of the picture? Probably not, so I’ll just tell you. This sweet little robin mother decided that the top of my junk pile was the best place to build her nest, and who am I to disagree? Every time I walk back there, she flies away and squawks and chirps and makes a big ruckus. We had peeked in before and seen four eggs, and I couldn’t resist sticking my camera up there the other day for just a second to see how things were progressing.

Looks like three of them hatched! Aren’t they cute little blobs of bird?

Side note- it seemed odd to me that she would abandon her nest when she felt threatened, but Stan explained to me that she’s just trying to make a distraction as far from her babies as possible. “Look at me! Over here! Yummy bird over here! Nothing interesting in that nest. NOTHING INTERESTING IN THAT NEST!”

Then today when I got home, I was walking to the back to water my roses, and I noticed there was no squawking mom around. I also noticed a little blue robin’s egg on the driveway! Don’t worry, it was empty. So I went back inside and grabbed my camera, and did another just a second snapshot of the nest.

Pretty gross, huh? Just kidding, they are kind of cute. Mom must be out hunting worms.

So in all fairness, I can’t finish tiling the backsplash, because I have to use the tile saw out on the back porch and I just can’t bring myself to make that much noise around my feathered friends. (I think I’ve finally decided which backsplash to choose though, and I think it’s going to be the white subway tiles. I can’t beat the price! Plus, I would welcome something a little lighter and airier than the gorgeous but richly toned wood and gray tile I chose.)