If by “dig” you mean “dig”, then yes, I dig it. If by “dig” you mean “enjoy”, then I still dig it, but not as much.

See, the thrill of getting new plants for the yard is dulled just a bit by the fact that before anything is planted, a patch of land must be dug up and de-weed/bulb/dandelioned. This small bed took Stan and I a good hour or two (sorry, the yard projects are all starting to blur together).

We had this many plants from Stan’s mom

And we planted them not-so-strategically like this

That area is kind of just a placeholder for now, until the plants maybe get a little bigger, and I figure out where they’ll go permanently.

Another fun surprise was the “walkway” from the driveway to the front steps. It’s been crumbly and rather unattractive since the day I moved in,

and with some slight digging, it was easy to finally see why.

Yes. Ceramic tiles. Yes.

*I “Stan” corrected- they are slate tiles.*

It’s perfect- we’ll just lay down some of these tiles leftover from our meth barn right on the dirt! Then walk on them! Like you do inside!

I would love to build another walkway from the driveway.

This one is kinda cool.

I like how grass grows between these stones.

Found here

But maybe my front yard would do better with a more polished look.

Found here

We also built some raised beds this weekend for a couple of Square Foot Gardens (I have two 2×6 beds) and dug out the weeds where they’ll go. I kept a close eye on the birdies that are hogging my back porch with their adorableness this weekend, and as they now have feathers and are eagerly poking their heads out of the nest for mom to drop a worm in their mouths, I am thinking that by next weekend they will be big enough to fly away. And you know what that means: it means that I can use the tile saw out there and finish the flippin backsplash.