I keep finding myself saying things like “Oh goody, I ran the dishwasher tonight- that means I get to have a hot shower in the morning!”

It’s being lazy. It heats the water up to the correct temperature, but then if I don’t use it, it won’t keep it at that temperature. It’s a snob- it only likes to heat new water. So when I go out of town, or shower at the gym for a couple days and basically don’t use any hot water, then upon returning to my own shower I’m greeted by lukewarm discomfort. Mind you, if I’d found a shower as warm as this “lukewarm discomfort” during my travels in South America I would have been ecstatic, but alas I’ve grown accustomed to being a spoiled American again. Dangit.

And yeah, sorry for the lame post again, but my internet is still being a jerk and not allowing me the bandwidth to upload a single picture or watch Betty White on Saturday Night Live. It’s a tough life sometimes.

But it’s a good day, because I did get a hot shower this morning, because I did run the dishwasher last night.