Can you guess what it is?

Besides the obvious things like the range hood and the backsplash…

Let’s see it from another angle:

And just ’cause I’m in need of some praise today, let’s look at this same angle a few months back:

But back to the task at hand.

Have you guessed what’s missing yet?


Well how am I supposed to have popcorn for dinner in under 5 minutes?

And more importantly, how am I supposed to perfectly soften butter when I want to make chocolate chip peanut butter cookies?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re looking for the microwave. I really, really didn’t want to waste counter space on it. And since I’ll someday have a sleek stainless steel hood above the stove, I couldn’t go that route either. So I hid it. I hid it in here:

(One of these days I’ll learn how to hold the camera still.)

True, its little bitty size kind of makes me feel like I’m in college again, but I’m not one to try and cook a Thanksgiving turkey in the microwave, so I don’t mind. It’s also slightly more inconvenient to have to open the doors, but the counter space is worth it. Maybe I would mind if I were trying to nuke up pizza pockets 12 times a day for my 6 kids, but as it’s just me defrosting some spinach (and definitely NOT anything unhealthy) every so often, I’m pretty happy with the system. Definitely not anything unhealthy.

So what do you think? Would opening the doors drive you nuts? Would the counter space be worth it to you? To each their own, but I always love hearing opinions.