This is my late Mothers Day post. But since I’m a good daughter 365 days per year (heh) I think that May 19 is just as good a day as any for this.

This year, I decided to be on the ball* and crafty.

*On the ball for me means that my crafty gift reaches the recipient within a week of the holiday for which it was made.

I found this adorable template on How About Orange (originally from here), and I had to have it. I’m a fan of homemade cards but I’m not a fan of putting them in security envelopes which is all I have, so therefore I am a fan of card/envelope combinations. If card/envelope combinations were on facebook, I would “become a fan”.

It’s a super easy template, and you can even print the invitation or the note version if you wish. I used the blank one. I printed it on cardstock, and I should have enlisted some of Kristin’s first graders to help me cut, as apparently my cutting skills have become a little rusty. It’s a good thing my mother always told me it’s the thought that counts.

After I cut out the template, I sewed a simple stitch around the curved parts, and a fabric heart on the front.

I then stamped and addressed it, and patted myself on the back for sending something by mail all by myself, three whole days before Mothers Day.

Now I don’t expect that my mom will read this (try as she might to keep up on my blog, my mother has an aversion to computers unless it has to do with Sudoku, bless her heart), but I just feel the overwhelming need to share my love for my mother with a buncha strangers on the internet. Seriously, she’s the best. When I think of love, I think of her. I know she feels bad because she was a working mom by the time I came along (the last of 4) and I didn’t get as many home-cooked meals as the other kids, but mama, that just made your homemade chicken noodle soup that much better. Even when we’d eat it for a week straight because you made enough to feed the entire armed forces. My mom is one of those that can quiet a crying baby in seconds. She can convince a 4 year-old that wearing clean underpants is fun, should they need such convincing. She can also convince a bratty teenager that she’s loved and special, and that’s no small feat. And sometimes when the bratty now-adult is having a really bad day, she’ll call mom and say “Can I just come live with you in Fletcher and do crafts and cook food and go swimming every day?” And though my mom knows that’s pretty unlikely, she will always laugh and says yes, which is exactly what the bratty now-adult needs to hear at that moment. I could go on but I’ll stop. Right after I say that she’s not perfect, but I feel so blessed that I somehow ended up with her as my mom. And wow, I didn’t mean for this to be a mom tribute post, but it looks like that’s what it’s turned into.

Just a couple more things about this rockin’ lady.

She’s always concerned for the general welfare of those around her.

Everyone’s happy? Oh good.

About nine times out of ten, you can catch her with this look on her face- affectionately known as “the momsmile” (even when she’s not wearing a party hat):

I just love this woman. Happy May 19th Mothers Day!