No, not that kind of green.

I know that probably about 96% of my readers follow Young House Love and saw their toilet post yesterday, but I just had to share it for the other 4%.

Did you know that you can buy a little $20 kit to convert your toilet into a dual flusher? Neither did I! I thought I’d have to just wait until I needed a new toilet to get one of the water-saving dual flushing ones. And have no fear if you don’t fancy yourself a handyman or handywoman- the installation is tool-free, and according to John, only takes about 20 minutes. The one they bought is here.

And for anyone out there using cloth diapers, their post also includes another little bonus that will probably make your life a lot easier. They are a very thorough bunch and explain things very well, so if you’re even remotely interesting in greening your john, head on over and check them out.

I think it’s pretty cool that someone figured out how to convert existing toilets, rather than encouraging everyone to toss theirs in a landfill to buy a new one. Yay toilets!