K this is NOT the after post- sorry guys. I really wanted it to be. But you know when you think “Just a couple more things and I’ll be totally finished!” and it really means “Oh my gosh how could I possibly take a picture when the _________ looks like that! No way- I’ll just spend 5 minutes (read: another hour or so) fixing it.” And by that time, you’ve made a mess of the place all over again, and you’ve lost your nice daylight, and it’s time to go have all-you-can-eat pizza… You know how that goes, right?

Well anyway, I actually did make progress on the bathroom this weekend, and I’ve got the pics to prove it. It all started with the sudden realization that I did not have to live forever with white drywall mud smeared on my ebony walls, and there was no reason that I couldn’t march down to Home Cheapo right this second for an afternoon lunch break and buy some paint.

The first time I picked the paint color, I did it online. I know. Who does that?!?! I chose Obsidian Glass by ICI, and when I saw the paint in person I freaked a little. It wasn’t gray. It was black. Like a black marker that was just starting to run out of ink.

But actually, I kinda liked it. Even though the bathroom is so small that you could use all 3 major fixtures (sink, toilet, tub) at once if you really wanted to, I thought the Obsidian Glass balanced all the white nicely and added some drama.

Then, disaster struck.

Jonny kept coming over to my house saying “These walls look like crap! <name of his employee who painted it> didn’t even patch these cracks. What a bone head.” And true, the old plaster walls have their share of cracks and other imperfections. So one day, he came over and couldn’t stand it anymore and got out the ol’ mud and putty knife and went to town. I wish I had a picture of what they looked like after that. Just picture what a black asphalt parking lot might look like after a wedding cake fight- that’s the general idea.

Oh but that’s not the disaster. After weeks of leaving the mud on the walls (weeks!) I finally decided that I was going to sand down the mud and paint it once and for all. I went down to the basement to get the extra Obsidian Glass, and it was nowhere to be found. Drat. Are you kidding me? I called Jonny.

“They discontinued that product.”

Well that’s just dreamy. Oh well, I guess this is the perfect time to pick another color, like maybe an actual gray like I tried to do the first time. After loving Kasey’s kitchen transformation including her Dolphin Fin walls, and after reading Sara’s extensive gray choosing posts (here, here, and here), I decided that Dolphin Fin was for me. (And yes, it’s Behr, and Jonny reluctantly approved my use of it.)

The guy at HD said they had been selling a ton of that color lately. Oh, the power of blogging! So anyway, this is what the bathroom looks like now:

Quite different, no? I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, but then I decided that I’m not going to allow myself to like Obsidian Glass better, because I am a bit tired of painting the bathroom at the moment, and spending $23 each time. But really, I do like the Dolphin Fin. It’s much more serene, and with some bright/cool (yes, both) turquoise accessories, I think it will feel very relaxing in there. (Except not like this morning when I had to take a cold shower because yesterday the pilot light accidentally went out when we were messing with the gas, which is a different story.)

Thoughts on the new color?