This post is about shutters, not about shutting up my lovely readers, of course.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember that awful awning. More like YAWNing.

My dad insisted it was “cool”, but I argued. He insisted it would be nice for keeping the hot western sun out in the evenings, but I just pointed to the giant tree growing in my parking strip. I win!

Down it came, and my poor window was naked for a long time. I saved the awning though, maybe for a second life as part of a chicken coop someday.

Until Stan the Man came to my rescue with a masonry bit and some fancy blue screws. Masonry screws. Oh and Jonny’s hammer drill, which worked a little better than the regular drill.

Look at him!

Once they were up all the way it was too dark for a photo, but you get the drift. Oh and PS, they were $3 each at the DI, plus a $3 sample of green paint, plus the masonry screws. So around $12. Not bad!

Next up- that fugly bush thing has to go. Well maybe not next, but eventually.