One of the things I loved about my train wreck of a house when I saw it was the wood floors. Boy did I have stars in my eyes.

Here’s the shot I took excitedly peeking through the window long before I owned the house:

The wood floors at least look promising, right? Well they are… kind of.

Here’s a close-up shot:

Here’s a shot that allows you to see some of the missing pieces, and also how the edges of each plank kind of bow up in places.

Yipes. To be fair, I have not taken the best care of them. From day 1 I knew they needed to be refinished (no, HUD, your pathetic attempt to unevenly slather on some dark stain the week before I moved in was not appreciated) and I just kind of let them go to hell even more than they already had. They’ve been the floor of a construction zone. Tsk tsk, I know.

But now I have a choice to make. Do I try to save them and make them as pretty as I possibly can?

I know that really amazing things can be done with a sander and some finish.

But the gaps in mine are pretty severe and would require some obvious filler or patching. Patching might involve doing something kind of along the lines of putting in false pegs- cutting around where the gap is to make it a clean rectangle, then replacing it with the exact same size of wood piece. I think those wood pegs look pretty cool, and some wood “patches” would look cool too, but that sure sounds like a lot of work. It would make the floors look more rustic, and I could even embrace that and go along with the distressed look.


I could fork over the dough and get all-new wood flooring. Eek.

We had to pull up a couple of the planks during the kitchen remodel, and my dad was not impressed at how thin and brittle and cheap the wood was in the first place. He suggested I just go the new route.

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