As if I don’t have enough unfinished projects around here, I started a new one. A while back I blogged about the Rip Your Strip program and replacing some of the lawn with more drought-tolerant plants. The parking strip really is the best place to start. Having lawn there isn’t really necessary- it’s not like you hang out there- and besides, the ripped strips I’ve seen look so gorgeous, so what better place to do it then right in front of your house?

We came up with a rough plan for it (below). I thought having two flagstone paths would be great- one as a continuation of the front walk, and the other right where you park so it’s easy for people to walk up the strip. However, after visiting the stone yard and realizing that it would cost me $160 for all the stone I wanted (more per square foot than any flooring I’ve even put inside my house!), I decided that we should see what we could do with the rocks that were haphazardly put in my yard by the previous owners.

These aren’t nearly as nice to work with as the light and thin flagstones you can buy, but hey, they were free and although they are thick, most of them are really flat.

So I started lugging the rocks to the strip.

And trying to make an “organic” but well-defined path.

It’s actually pretty fun- it’s like a really heavy puzzle with multiple solutions. Of course I don’t care that they don’t fit perfectly together, especially because I’ll have something growing in the cracks.

Almost done!

Puzzle complete!

I started digging and placing the rocks flush with the ground too, and surprisingly they sit really well with minimal rocking and moving. I’ve heard you should use sand or gravel, but it seems to me that they’ll be just fine especially when they get some grass or something growing between them.Unfortunately I only have enough rocks for one path.

Anyone have any tips on getting cheaper stone?

Anyone adamantly opposed to me not using sand/gravel?

Anyone have any great ideas for what I should grow in the cracks?