Thanks for all your comments on my previous Basket Case post– and I actually followed your advice! Some of you told me to chill out because they don’t need to fit perfectly, others told me to spray paint different ones to make them coordinate, Babs even told me to take a basket weaving class (above water)! That actually sounds really fun and maybe I will at some point in my life. In the end I followed Kim‘s advice to go to Cost Plus World Market, where I found four big beauties. I did have to take out a shelf on each side, but I don’t mind.

Here it is before, with three compartments:

And here it is after, with two compartments and bigger baskets:

Other side before:

Other side now:

And my concern that the other compartment was too big so they wouldn’t fit?

Well they don’t, but that’s okay. No one really sees the empty space over there when the stools are in place. And besides, I’m sure I’ll come up with something to stack up to fill the space.

Oh and by the way, I kept the other shelf I took out, ya know, just in case.

I love em! Now I just need to start eating bazillions of potatoes and storing them in here.

So thanks again to everyone for your help!

What would you put in these baskets if they were yours?

Do you like them??