I discovered this site on a facebook ad (they do work!)


and it’s given me an all-new obsession. I really want to finish a bed/bath in my scary basement. And to help pay for it until I really need it in the future, I could rent it out on a site like this! The “suite” could even have its own entrance, as my back door goes into a split entrance (up and down). It seems like a pretty good way to make a few bucks without committing to a tenant, no?

Before you start getting visions of slumlords renting out their extra roach-filled rooms to unsuspecting travelers, hear me out. Just a quick search on the site reveals that there are some pretty sweet places!

For example, if you were coming to visit scenic Salt Lake City, would you mind renting out this room in The Avenues from good-ol-boy Ron for $75?

He even stocks the bathroom…

…and makes you breakfast!

Sweet! (Hey, I think I have that same table…)

Or how about your very own apartment in New York City for $195 per night?

You can find anything from someone’s spare bedroom to their spare French Chateau on the site. Doesn’t it seem a little more fun than a Motel 6? Or does it just sound scary?

I’m seriously considering trying it out with the extra bedroom that I already have (although in all honesty I don’t think I could sleep unless I had a lock on my door, no matter how nice my guest was). I’m not sure how popular it would be, considering the person would have to share my teensy bathroom with me. Am I crazy? I feel like kind of a crazy person right now.

Would you rent a room this way?

Would you rent out a room in your house?

Would you rent out a “suite” with a separate entrance?

Update: WEIRD. Young House Love posted this today saying that someone had taken pictures of their lovely house and tried to advertise it as their own (across the country, no less!) Maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…