Mistakes- we’ve all made them. Whether it was dating the guy in 9th grade who wore the matching Adidas track suit to school every other day (and that was probably his least-bad quality), or just burning the toast, I know I’m not alone here. (Am I?)

Back when we were doing a major overhaul in the kitchen of all things electric (before the cabinets, floor, etc.) we measured where the new bar was going to go, and where these hanging bar lights should go. So just so we’re clear, when we were figuring this out, the bar didn’t actually exist yet.

So we drilled two holes in the ceiling based on our measurements, and put some of those blue round thingies in there for the time being.

Well I’ll be damned, but we were wrong! After the bar went in, I realized that somehow we had misjudged where these things should go. I hemmed and hawed about whether I could just get over it, but I knew that it would end up driving me nutzo having them be that close to the shelves and that far from the stools.

So we moved them, leaving two fabulous holes in the ceiling.

Holes in walls/ceilings ain’t no thing ordinarily. Check out some of these doozies from before I moved in.

But these are (cue serial killer music) ceiling tiles! Dum dum duuuuuum. First of all, I know, I hate them too. But not as much as I hate the thought of sheetrocking the ceiling, so stay they will for now.

I searched high and low for some matching ones, but would be believe these babies are pretty hard to find? True story. So we had to turn to our best friend joint compound to get the job done.

Looks great, eh? After several coats of that, it was time to work some magic with a sanding sponge. Holding it at an angle, I skillfully sanded lines out to try and blend it with the other lines.

Skillfully may be too strong a word.

The lines are crooked, but the ceiling tiles themselves aren’t the most perfect things either, so I’ll just say I did that on purpose.

Jonny came over to spray on some spray texture, and honestly I wouldn’t know about this little mishap unless I knew what to look for.

The texture needs a light sand and a quick coat of paint, and I also need to clean the texture off of those “medieval boob-looking things” as Jonny calls them.