This weekend, I did not finish a project. BUT. I came really close. Remember back when I got the wild idea to rip my strip? (Sorry, I still can’t say that without wincing.) And then I started building a rock pathway which got about 1/3 finished before I let it sit as an unsightly pile of rocks for two weeks, which I’m sure my neighbors loved.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to say that the Rip Your Strip project is now at 75% completion! Feel free to imagine the before, which was first plain grass, then black plastic, then bare dirt. And here’s the almost after!

Here’s another view.

I used a lot of rocks, because they don’t need to be watered. And yes, I bought some rocks- let the mocking begin. I bought some low water plants, but I also got a lot of starts for free- all drought-tolerant and hearty. Some of the plants I have in my newly ripped strip include Yarrow, Globe Mallow, Blue Oat Grass, Catmint, Snow in Summer, Iris, Indian Rice Grass, and Irish Moss. I can’t remember what all of them are.

I put rocks on the end because it’s right by a driveway, and I wouldn’t cry if someone drove over them.

I planted thyme between the rocks- I hope it’s going to spread…

I really like this Irish Moss and the label claims it doesn’t require much water and that it spreads, so hopefully this area eventually becomes a nice lush blanket. The spikey one is Hen and Chicks.

What of the unfinished 25%? Okay fine, here it is.

There’s one more stone pathway to go (although this time I’m spending the money for the nice flat rocks instead of spending the precious hours of my life and precious vertebrae of my back) and some more plants and a repeat of the river rock edge from the other side, and I’m done!

Aahhh, sweet almost- victory.

The rock path turned out a little gnarlier than I would have liked, but by the end of it I was just so thrilled to get it done I didn’t care. I think it will look pretty nice with some thyme growing between the rocks (fingers crossed).

Some concerns I have are that the plants may not get enough sun (I’m only mildly concerned about this, especially after trimming some of the low branches from the tree) and that raking leaves out of here is going to be a real PITA. But I’m thrilled with how little I’ll need to water it, and more importantly, how cool it looks! Yeah, I’m proud of this one.

Special thanks to Stan and Duncan for stepping in to save my sanity this weekend, and my neighbors and Garden Goddess for the free plants.