My living room struggles have been a bit ridiculous at best, I know. But come on- this room is seriously the size of a bedroom. I guess back in 1926 they didn’t have big poofy couches and 42″ TVs (okay, neither do I). I debated keeping this more of a “sitting room” with just a couple lighter chairs, maybe a chaise, maybe a minimalist love seat. But then I realized that I want to actually use this room for plopping down after a long day of sitting on my butt at the office, and that probably won’t happen if I get rid of my beloved comfy $110 craigslist couch.

Also, I’m kinda broke.

So the couch stays, along with all the other hand-me-down/secondhand/Ikea/collected items.

Here’s an old pic of the room from right after the tornado known as the “Moore Family” left after remodeling my kitchen (sorry, no after pics because there are still approximately 38,129 little details remaining).

I have a few problems with this setup.

  1. The microwave (it’s gone now)
  2. It only fits 3 people- c’mon, I have more friends than that!
  3. The stripes on the rug accentuate the room’s long narrow skinniness
  4. Where is the TV supposed to go?
  5. The couch blocks the fireplace

What I really need is an extra 2-3 feet on each side of the fireplace, or even just on one side! But I am pretty sick of tearing out walls at the moment, so I’m just going to try and make this work.

Here’s the new setup, including a new friend I like to call “craigslisted Ikea chair”. Seriously- how many people buy these then get rid of them 6 months later? To me Ikea products are some of the easiest things to buy used, because if you’ve spent any time at all in their store, you know exactly what you’re getting. I knew I wanted this Ektrop chair (is that right?) because they are really compact but surprisingly comfortable.

(Oh and please pardon the dusty floor. Mop or no mop it looks this way. Floor refinishing is coming up soon.)

I’m not too crazy about the black or the exposed legs, so I bought a cover for it (new).

I think I like the white a lot in here (besides, white is cheaper than any other color by $20). I love that the cover can be washed and bleached.

Here’s the other view.

And with the cover.

The chair on the right is another project for a rainy day. I would like to re-cover it with a cool pattern and possibly refinish it. I’m told this isn’t too hard for a chair like this.

I still have a long way to go in this room, and I still hate how the couch blocks the view of the fireplace, and I still absolutely despise that the old owners chucked the original window on the right to put a stupid swamp cooler vent there, but I’m going to stop listing things I hate right now before I put anymore unnecessary strain on my circulatory system.