I’ve been working on a list. Lists are kind of fun. They are also kind of a beyotch. Usually when I look at a list I’ve made, I say things like “Oooh, I can cross that one off as soon as I ______!” Then my heart falls a bit because I can’t actually cross it off yet, and approximately seven minutes later I forget what the ________ was, then I lose the list, then six months later I make a new list and go through the same process again.

Well not anymore! You see, it’s impossible to lose a list when it’s published to the internets, so that’s what I’m doing. Next to “My to-do list” that includes all the awesome stuff I want to do in my life like climb mountains and go on awesome Sex-And-The-City-esque trips (except not like this past movie- please, let’s just forget this past movie), there is now “My house’s to-do list“.

Please, feel free to check it out and leave me encouraging comments! Or you know, comments like “Wow, uh, GOOD LUCK.”

Oh and yes, I did kinda copy this idea from some of my blog friends. Thanks for the idea.