I can’t believe I made a mood board. I am such an official blogger now. But my living room has been driving me nutso (kind of like every other project at my house) so I decided to give it a shot.

This first one basically has my existing wall colors, couch, chair, mirror, plants, fireplace, coffee table (acting as TV stand), and curtains. I put in some warm toned refinished floors, a couple poufs (ideas from my beloved commenters!) and some pillows.

Mood board #1

I’ve heard that having two paint colors in one room can make it feel smaller, so here it is without the blue.

Mood board #2

I also found this rad green called “Feldspar” (although let’s be honest- I don’t really want to re-paint this whole room right now).

Mood board #3

What do you think so far? Here is my living room as it exists now for reference:

The “poufs” would go where that wooden spindly chair is now. It just seems too crowded the way it is.

Then there’s a question of a rug. I know that rugs can really “cozy up a space” and “define the space” and stuff, but I’m kind of trying to “de-cozify” this room- it’s waaaaaay too cozy as it is. And I think the room/space itself is pretty well defined, what with the arches and the fact that it’s off to the side.

So I think I’m kind of anti-rug in as far as this room goes. But as always, I am open to suggestions from the blogosphere, and I even added a rug to my mood board to try it out.

Mood board #4

Too busy and too much color? How about a lighter one?

Mood board #5

Please oh please give me some feedback. Or if you’re too shy to comment, please at least vote!