Name that band!

Not to be melodramatic or anything, but I recently experienced the life-changing event that is installing blinds. I did cheapo bamboo shades in my bedroom a while back, and while I love them I knew I wanted the ones you can turn to let varying levels of light in (surely there’s a name for this?). Here’s what I was looking for:


  • adjustable light (again… is there a name for this?)
  • 2-inch slats
  • white
  • close to the right size

Don’t care about:

  • real wood
  • customizable (the blinds don’t have to fit inside the window frame)
  • uh… that’s it

My dad, who does a LOT of renovating, said as a rule Lowe’s has cheaper blinds and window treatments than Home Depot. As I was kind of on a time crunch, I believed him. Once I got there, I found basically two brands that carried what I was looking for- Blindz (with a Z) and Levolor. Both were faux wood. I spent about 15 minutes in the store looking back and forth, back and forth, between the two, trying to figure out why there was a HUGE price difference. After buzzing an associate (I hate doing that, but what do you do if you’re in the aisle for 15 minutes and you can’t find anyone?) I realized that Levolor can be cut- Blindz cannot. Ohhhh. The Blindz weren’t exactly the right size- they were about 1.5″ too small for the big window, and about an inch too big for the small windows on each side. Soooo basically I took that as a “perfect fit”. The only other con to the Blindz brand was that the fake wood texture was slightly cheesier than the Levolor brand. But I knew that once they were up, no one was going to be inspecting them for wood-grain cheesiness.

Here is where we started with the dining room. I always loved this big picture window (even though my view is the neighbor’s house)…

One of the very first things I did when I moved in was put up curtains, mainly for (extremely limited) privacy. They were cheaper and easier than blinds. Hey, times were tough.

The curtains were okay, but I definitely couldn’t frolic around in my favorite pair of these with any degree of privacy:

Here’s the part where I wish I were a better photographer.

It’s hard to convey with (crappy) pictures- but when you walk in the house now, for some reason it just feels so much more homey and cozy and safe- maybe because people can’t see my every more anymore.

I keep saying that it feels like someone lives here now.

For all four windows, I spent $140.

Anyone have any input about Blindz vs Levolor, Home Depot vs Lowes, real wood vs faux, white vs wood, or anything else related to blinds?