Periodically I check Google maps to see what my house looks like to birds. What- don’t you?

For a long time I kept seeing this image, which is from before I bought the house (way before, I believe):

Mine is the red-roofed one in the middle.

The other day Stan informed me that Google has finally snapped some new pics of the ‘hood- here is my house now:

I thought all the changes were kind of interesting (too bad Google doesn’t snap pictures of the insides of houses… although they may not be far off :-))

  1. I replaced the leaky old red roof with a sleek black one- my biggest single expense so far (the old one had to be completely torn off).
  2. True, the first photo was probably taken closer to fall, but the sad fact is that my beloved tree is sick and its leaves fall prematurely. Since the trees in the parking strips belong to the City, I called them and they are looking into what may be wrong with it.
  3. You can faintly make out my little Square Foot Gardens!
  4. We’ve done a lot of pruning (you can see that the roof of the garage is no longer completely covered by looming weed trees). It would probably be best to cut down a lot of the weed trees, but I would rather look at them than my neighbors’ trashy yards. Which brings me to #5…
  5. My neighbors have adopted the practice of parking their cars on their lawn. I have a clear view of this from my back yard because for some reason, that is the one place they didn’t finish putting up the privacy fence. Well, at least it’s not the front lawn, I guess.
  6. My lawn looks smoother! (And I don’t have to admit that it’s probably due to thriving weeds… except I just did.)

It’s kind of fun to look back and compare. As always, a whole overlook makes me realize how much more there is to do, but I really am thrilled with the progress of the house so far, inside and out. And for the most part I do like the neighbors on my street- it’s a fun mix of old people who have lived there 40+ years, young people like me who are fixing up the old charmers, and, well… the rest of the street. Haha.

If any other nerds are interested in doing a little comparison, they can look at historical images in Google Earth (the one that you have to install on your computer- not just Google maps online).