We used to argue over whether he said “… the greatest fan of your life” or “… the greatest event of your life”. I thought the latter sounded pretty egotistical. I guess nowadays all I have to do is go here and find something like this to know the answer.


I want this.

I have one kind of like it, but it’s ugly gray plastic. Maybe I should just spray paint it chrome/stainless steel/silver.

Anyone ever spray paint something with so many moving parts before?

My house is H-O-T. I have no cooling system. My swamp cooler is out of commission right now.

Shocking I know, based on the picture.

No, I do not walk underneath this.

Honestly, I’ll probably never actually put spray painting my already-gray fan a shinier gray at the top of my to-do list (unless a bunch of you comment and tell me that I wouldn’t have to take it apart to do so), but I’m just really hot sitting here so I’m fantasizing about stylish and somewhat cheap ways to evaporate my sweat.

And while we’re on the topic, what are your thoughts on swamp coolers vs A/C? Swamp coolers cost less and are cheaper to run, but they require more maintenance and are more finicky. A/C seems to be a big selling point for people, due to our need to never be the slightest bit uncomfortable even for one second. I’m not judging- I’m the same way.