I don’t have one of those. I do have a cleaning stairwell though.



It may not seem like much, but drilling holes into those old plaster walls is a beyotch (thanks Stan!).

The whole ensemble consists of a shelf I got at a garage sale ages ago, a skinny bucket, some of those garage hangy things for shovels and whatnot (bonus: about 5 more strips came in the set so I can still use them later), some $1 crates, and a cleaning caddy. And the brooms and stuff.

I made these super crafty “clean” and “dirty” tags for rags (ie. I magic markered the words “clean” and “dirty” on some pieces of paper).

Now I don’t have to pile up old dishrags on the floor, where they can be tripped over. Let’s be honest- I never walk them all the way down the stairs to the laundry.

Previously all this crap was scattered throughout the house, so hopefully this helps me want to clean my house more. Hardy har har.