That would be me. I’m pretty clueless about blogging, which is why my blog does not have anything fancy on it. I freakin write the post, wait for the pictures to upload, and hit “Publish”. Thaaaaaat’s pretty much it. Oh, and I also comment on other people’s blogs- which brings me to my first question:

1. I see a lot of people who are able to leave comments so that their name shows up as “Susi-Q @ The Adorable Rhino Nest” (for example) and it links right to their blog. How do you do that? Is it because I had to be difficult and use WordPress instead of the ubiquitous Blogger? It just gets really annoying typing in “Amanda” then “” or even using Open ID and typing in “hiphousegirl” every time. I would love for my comments to say they were from “Amanda @ Hip House Girl” but my feeble fingers will not submit to typing that out, and the URL, every time I leave a comment. This is a long question, I know. Dr. Laura would already be screaming at me. So my question is, is there an easy way to comment and have my name/my blog’s name show up automatically, and also have it link to my site? If you can make sense out of that question, you get a gold star.

2. This question has to do with my readers. You know how on Blogger, it shows how many people subscribe? Is there a feature like that on WordPress? I have that “Email Subscription” button on my blog, but I have absolutely no idea if anyone has ever used it. Is there a way to look up if anyone actually subscribes/follows?

3. This post is embarrassing.