It’s confession time. Before I read The Help, it had kind of been a while since I’d read a book. As a kid I could barely go anywhere without my face in a book, but college kind of ruined reading for me. I felt way too guilty every time I picked up a book for fun instead of studying, so I just didn’t do it. More than two years after graduating, I’m finally getting back into it. Trouble is, I don’t really know where to begin.

So here’s the confession part: I totally stalked Kate’s blog (since I had seen that she, too, loved The Help) for some suggestions. It was funny when she commented on this post saying “I read Twenties Girl too” because, um, yeah, I knew that. πŸ™‚ I seriously read like ALL of her posts about books, wrote down about ten titles, and headed to the library. Twenties Girl was pretty far down on my list, it being chick-lit and all, but it sounded fun, and apparently Kate reads very popular books, because TG was one of the only ones of the ten titles I wrote down that the library actually had! So Kate, I’m embarrassed, but thanks. I feel that you’ve been instrumental in me picking up books again.

On to the review! (More like “review” with quotation marks, denoting that it’s not really a very good review.)

I thought Twenties Girl was fun to read. My fears that it would be too cheezball were confirmed on a few occasions, but I did laugh a few times and find the characters endearing. This book reads exactly like a chick-flick. Seriously, at times I forgot that I wasn’t sitting around with all the girls (minus Carrie) eating bonbons and drooling over James Franco (or Colin Firth, or Mark Ruffalo, or creepily, Zac Efron). It has the usual elements of a movie- the characters can’t stand each other at first then learn to feel differently, a mystery unfolds, the main character learns a lot about herself… as Kate said, this book won’t exactly change your life. However, if you’re looking for an easy fun read that does get a little suspenseful toward the end, Twenties Girl could be for you!

Next up: Water for Elephants