My sister is one of the most practical and thrifty people I know. This woman will avoid conveniences like fast food at all costs, because she thinks it’s a rip-off (she’s right). She always has carrot sticks, grapes, and crackers at the ready for her kids so she’s never tempted to pull into McDonalds because of a hunger-induced temper tantrum. I, on the other hand, have been known to jerk the wheel into a 7-11 parking lot at the first hint of thirst or drowsiness that can only be remedied by a drum of Diet Coke with lots of ice. Mmmm.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is that my sister is a girl who uses it up, wears it out, makes it do, or goes without (I’m impressed that I remembered that whole rhyme). Her house is no exception. A while back I did a post about her trailer-shaped (and similarly sized) house and the improvements she’s done on it. Without disclosing private information about their income, I’ll just say that I have a suspicion that they have been able to afford a LOT more house than that for quite a while now. Their restraint is impressive. And I actually really like that house, but with three kids and one on the way, it’s getting a little small. I guess my point is that they are finally moving into their dream house after a lot of saving, searching, and analyzing. And they’re the types to stay put, probably forever.

Wanna see it?

Gorgeous, no?

Keep in mind that these are the photos from the listing. It appears as though the house has been thoroughly staged, so try to not be put off by the cowboy decor. Although I won’t lie, I’m kinda digging it. Must be my Okie roots.

The living area is open to the upstairs.

The huge kitchen will suit her well- she is a great cook and loves to can and make jam.

And with eleven acres at their disposal, I’m sure they can grow more than enough things to can!

Yep, that’s a pond. Dreamy.

I’m not trying to brag for my sis (well okay, I guess I am) I’m just really excited for them. I’m also excited for me to go visit. I can’t wait to see what she does with it and how she makes it her own (she’s already trying to bribe me out there to help her demo some “mauve” tile in one of the bathrooms- funny, that picture wasn’t included in the listing!).

Congrats, Lam Fam.