Meet Blanche.

She’s my new dog. Well, new to me.

Blanche came to me after her owners decided they could no longer care for her the way she needed. She’s five years old and so far seems very sweet, although she is very timid and a little sad. I can tell she misses her old family.

My brother found her on (local classifieds) and I had mixed feelings about adopting from there vs. a shelter. I’ve been looking on shelter web sites for months on and off, but no one really jumped out at me like Blanche. After my experience fostering Misty, I became a lot more passionate about adopting and rescuing pets instead of buying them. In the end, I decided that the bottom line was that Blanche needed a home and she seemed like a good fit for me. So here she is.

Of course, there is a force to be reckoned with.

What you lookin' at, punk?

Any fears of Blanche being cat-aggressive pretty much went out the window the second she came home. Jesse laid down the law immediately, and Blanche pretty much steers clear.

I think Jesse really might be interested in being friends, though…

… or maybe just stealing Blanche’s bed.

Any tips on getting a dog acquainted with her new home?