I periodically misplace my camera. It’s always somewhere in my house, or maybe my car, or maybe hanging from a fence post in the back yard. When that happens, you guys are stuck with “before” pictures taken with Photo Booth. Sorry about that.

Anyhow, here’s how the little corner office area has been looking. Not very organized, and not very office-y. (And yah, the pic is backwards because of the nature of Photo Booth, and because of the nature of me to not take the time to open it in Photoshop and flip it.)

My sweet parents had some extra shelves that they weren’t going to use (in Oklahoma!) so they sent them out here with some friends  who happened to be making the 1000+ mile drive. Their troubles were worth it in my opinion!

Where the red tree is, I was originally going to do something like this that I saw in (where else?) the Ikea catalog:

But I already had the tree from (where else?) a roommate past, and I figured that with clothespins it could make a cool little bulletin board of sorts. I already had all of the other crap too, and it was like Christmas going down in the basement and taking it out of boxes. Yeah, it’s all kind of a bizarre mish-mash of stuff that I’ve gotten from my grandma’s house and other relatives, but it was all free and has some degree of sentimental value.

Before I really start using it as an office area (or at least a mail sorting area and home base for my computer and shredder) it needs electricity. That’s on the to-do list! But it will probably have to wait until the weather turns cold, since the yard is being such an attention hog at the moment.

Also, I don’t really like all that black. What should I do, blog world? I think it’s a pretty cool little desk (although it’s not the most comfortable thing) but the black just sucks all the light out of that corner. Should I paint it white? White with blue handles? Should I paint the shelves? Here it is in context (an older pic):

I’m leaning towards painting it, but I’m just not sure what color.

Also, does anyone have a good mail sorting solution? Mine currently piles up on the table and pisses me off.