Step 1

Look in disgust at the rusty old shed that’s jammed under the eave of the garage.

Step 2

Decide it’s not that disgusting. Choose a new place for it that makes more sense.

Step 3

Level out the ground where its new home will be, using some stakes (or dowels) and some string (or yarn)…

…and a line level.

Look at that gloriously centered bubble!

Step 4

Do some digging.

Step 5

When it’s fairly level, spray it down and stomp on it.

Step 6

Put down sand as a base for the free pavers.

Step 7

Lay the pavers.

Please don't look too close. It may not be totally level. Hopefully it's okay because it's a flexible metal shed. Also, Stan, get off your butt and help!

Step 8

“Grout” with sand, rinsing and packing a few times.

That's more like it.

Step 9

Yank shed out from under the eave of the garage, drag it over and put it up on blocks, and spray the dirt and spider webs out with a high pressure hose. Get some spiders on you (and possibly in your pants… still not sure what that was. Eek.). Scour it with steel wool and wipe it clean with a rag, then spray again. Rip off old flaking shingles on the roof.

Step 10

Admire the clean shed.

OK, so she still ain't no beauty.

Stay tuned for the rest of the steps, coming soon in part 2! I mean it this time, guys. This is one project I WILL finish. Still to do:

  • Prime and paint
  • Re-roof
  • Fix hinges (that ugly door on the right is hanging on by a thread when it’s open)
  • Move into place
  • Anchor to the ground

Oh and to give you an idea of where it was and where it’s going, here’s a little diagram.