Sunny left a comment on my paver post that made me laugh. She said “We have used the children’s old wagon from time to time when Mom randomly wants a large pile of concrete shards to go from HERE to HERE.” As a kid, I totally felt like that was the purpose of yard work- to keep us busy and fulfill our parents’ every random whim.

Well, now that I’m grown up (ha!), I get to be the parent. Unfortunately, I still get to be the kid too. I decided that I needed the huge stack of pavers to go from HERE to HERE, but I was the only one around to do it. Besides the animals, who are pretty useless when it comes to yard work.

There actually is a reason to move them, and it’s because I’m going to be hauling in a couple truckloads of compost, and I wanted to be able to back the truck up as far as possible to minimize wheelbarrow labor. Funny enough, about halfway through moving all the pavers, I wondered if I was spending more time and energy on the pavers than I would wheeling dirt a few extra feet. I’m going to go ahead and say no, just for purposes of my own sanity.

So the next steps are:

  • Haul in some compost and spread it on the dirt
  • Till it in and level the ground
  • Build the pathway
  • Plant grass!

PS- Why are stop-motion videos so fun?