October 2010

Last year’s Halloween costume, while thrown together at the last minute, was so authentic that I’m just not sure if I can top it this year!

OK maybe not the blue sparkly hat, but those Roper jeans… um, yes. I grew up in Colorado, and a lot of my friends had these. Since they cover so much skin, I went a little wild with tying the shirt up, Britney style.

Stan was lookin pretty good too:

So authentic in fact, that my friend and her sister said he just looked like their dad. Score!

I have a few ideas for this year’s costume, but I just don’t know if I can beat last year’s! (YES, I realize I’ve waited till the very last minute!)

I can’t seem to get enough of them, can I?

Way back when, I got a bunch of starts from Stan’s mom. We kinda needed a semi-permanent place to put them, so we dug up a sizable bed in the front and planted them there.

We also had to remove the old walkway- you know, the one made from indoor slate tiles.

But throughout the summer, I realized that I did in fact need a walkway from the stairs to the driveway. So I got some flagstones (which ended up being kind of a dumb decision, because even after making the pathway in the back yard, I still have a buttload of pavers leftover- oh well).

This is what I made:

Then I decided that the bed with the plants in it was too big (didn’t match the one on the other side of the stairs) and that the flagstones should have grass growing in them, so I planted some grass and made the bed smaller. The grass is starting to come up.

I seem to do that a lot- do a chore, then go back and reverse what I already did. Dig out grass for plants, then transplant those plants and plant more grass.

I’m still not totally happy with it- I think it needs to be wider, and I think the rocks are buried too deep for grass to grow in between without getting trampled too close to the root. But since it’s already winter in Salt Lake, this project will have to wait until spring for me to unleash my craziness on it.

And that’s really okay, and is especially good for my grass. So instead of finishing up some projects around the yard, I did the following really exciting things:

Laundry (I know- hang on to the edge of your seat)

Made biscuits (with the best and easiest recipe ever) and flash froze them for future ravenous consumption

De-squeaked the floor by screwing into joists (oh, future homeowners are going to love me) in preparation for the new floors

Wedding reception (congrats Mark and Holly!)

Toy Story 3 in the dollar theater (loved it)

Won at Scrabble (just sayin’)

Fixed vacuum (piece o junk)

Cleaned stuff (this is getting good)

Sat by and watched my just-raked lawn turn into this again:

Walked with Blanche in the rain

Re-created the Battle of Troy trying to give Blanche a bath

Decided that the big hunk o toaster oven is allowed to take up precious counter space, because sometime this winter (yes, winter- it’s snowing in Salt Lake) I might need to pluck one of the aforementioned biscuits from the freezer and make just one

Tried and failed to hang up the new flower I got from the farmers’ market on the front of the house (broke the carbide bit)

Forgot to get an oil change (again)- oops

Finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (review to come)

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

They’re orange. What more do you want from me?

And here is a picture of the green, green grass.

It’s green! It’s growing! It looked like this three days ago:

And like this less than a week ago:

Um, okay, so I haven’t been the best at hand watering where the sprinkler doesn’t get. I’ll do better in the future, I promise. <Slaps self in the face>

Last night I was walking Blanche, and I had my camera intending to take pictures of the eclectic mix of houses around my neighborhood. There are some pretty over-the-top Halloween displays (amazingly I don’t think I’ve seen any blow-up thingies this year!), but one stopped me dead in my tracks.

You guys, there are “spooky fun oh-i-love-the-kooky-skeleton” displays…

… and there are displays that will haunt…your…dreams.

Cue Psycho music

What’s going on? On the left we have an assortment of creepiness seated on a plastic yard bench… on the right is a cooler labeled “Toys” and a light pole wrapped in … wedding tulle?

The center of the yard seems to feature a bizarro-world Alice in Wonderland scene, complete with a stumpy gray man serving a pink teapot and what appears to be Wal-Mart tent circa 1986 being used as a tablecloth.

Now that I’ve written this whole dramatic post, I realize that I may be over-exaggerating the creep factor. Maybe it’s because I’m blonde and therefore my brain keeps transcribing my face over that little Alice doll’s. Maybe it’s because Alice in Wonderland scared the poop out of me when I was a kid. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of my own amusement at such a display going on just a couple blocks from my house. Or maybe it really is scary as hell.

What do you guys think? Am I overreacting or will you be joining me in my nightmares tonight?

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