What does that even mean, anyway?

I realized that I never really gave my mom credit for helping me make the pillows in my living room. She’s really the best, you guys. I love this lady.

I had some black furry pillows from an old roomie (Ings!) which I actually liked, but they didn’t go too well in this room. So we found some fabric that I liked and my mom sewed some super simple covers for them.

Then I put my beloved finds from Canada over them.

For the little white chair, my mom found the perfect sized pillow form at the DI (Utah version of Goodwill) for $1 and made another super simple cover for it,

which actually ended up going really well with the pictures I hung.

Last but not least is the pouf!

This thing was an adventure. I saw them on Etsy for about $80 and thought “I could make that!” I found the pattern online- it’s Amy Butler- then I called around to local fabric shops to see if they carried it. The pattern was $12 and called for ten bags of this eco-friendly fiberfill stuff that was $12 a bag. Excuuuuuuse me? So you’re telling me that before I even buy the fabric, I’m already $132 into this thing? So instead I got some non-eco-friendly fill (sniffle) that was $3 a bag. $30 is still a lot to spend, but it’s better than $120. The fabric must have cost about $20, because I remember thinking “Oh wow. I spent $60 on this thing and hours of my life, and I could have bought one on Etsy for $80.” But it ended up being a fun project to do with my mom, and hey, I can say that I made it.

The big question on everyone’s minds when it comes to poufs is “Does anyone actually sit on it?” The answer is pretty much a “no”, except for children and pets. Adults are too heavy and it’s not firm enough to support them so they’ll end up pretty much sitting on the floor. Last time my nieces were over, Annie looked so cute perched on top of it, but I didn’t have the sense to snap a picture. I do, however, have this gem.

As I’ve disclaimed so many times before, I am NOT a decorator/designer/even really good at picking fabrics that “coordinate” and are “cohesive”. I basically just chose fabrics I liked and that had the general theme of blues/greens/golds.

So there you have it- a bunch o pillows and one pouf- oh and I also scored some ottomans on sale a while back. I wasn’t so sure about these at first, but now I love love love being able to put my feet up.