Today I was going to take a half-day (5 hours) and go finish my yard project, including laying a path and planting the seed and everything. Since I had a 9am meeting, I had to come in this morning and didn’t go home until 10:30. Turns out I needed more than 5 hours to get everything done. I came back to work at 4:45, and now I’m staying after work to write this blog post before I go watch The Biggest Loser at Wendy’s house. I need it!

But yeah, I’m sitting here at my desk, covered in dirt. I tried to wash my arms, but I’m noticing now that I missed quite a few spots, and I didn’t even glance in the mirror at my face, so that’s probably a few shades darker than my normal color as well. Good thing that was a quiet last hour of work.

On to the photos.

This is the condition that we were able to get the yard in after a summer of (okay, somewhat accidentally) killing everything there.

On the right, you’ll see where we dug up some of the pavers and the lovely bumpy texture. Closeup.

Here is the big “tool thing” (rototiller) that I rented to smooth it out and loosen it up.

It was really dusty, so the operator wore a respirator.

It started to look a little more uniform.

Look at all this dead crap we had to remove!

The landscape rake worked circles around the regular rake, in terms of smoothing ability.

But you know what worked even better? Dragging the pallet! Sorry Kate, I didn’t get any pictures. 😦 But that’s partly because I didn’t have to tie myself to it like some damn ox, because Stan and I just each hooked a shovel into the pallet and dragged it around that way. Maybe next time. 🙂

So today, this is what I was looking at at 11am.

I wish I had the damn yard plan to show you guys! Stan and I made a beautiful diagram- we used Illustrator and everything!- and stupid Windows decided to crash right as we saved it.

To make the path, I raked out a general plan of what I thought I wanted, and tweaked it a bit.

Hi Blanche!

Then I burned numerous calories making it with the pavers. Holy S, guys, I’m tired.

I was literally running back to the patio every time I needed another paver. Yeah, I’m hardcore. Oh and by the way- eventually there will be a little fire pit patio area behind the garage, which is why the path is leading back there. The left branch goes to the vegetable garden. Even if people don’t actually walk on the path (Stan thinks we should make them), I think it’s good for even just visually breaking up this long narrow space.

Then I proceeded to seed, fertilize, and rake the dirt. I was successful in covering part of it with peat moss, but then I had to come back to work. Stupid work, always getting in the way of my life! 😀 And since I’m NOT missing Biggest Loser, it looks like I’ll be covering the rest of the yard with peat moss in the dark with a headlamp tonight.