Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, it seems like a good time to relax and let the home projects rest. NOT! Just kidding, it really does. In fact, I really can’t wait for the nights this winter of curling up with Netflix or Hulu, or (here’s a novel idea) a good book. (Oh wow, that was an awesome unintentional pun.) I’ve gotten behind on my reading, but honestly it’s mostly because I’m afraid I’ll get sucked in to a good one and lose sleep for about a week- cause that’s how I roll.

Anyway, the direction I meant to go when I started writing this, is that now that it’s cold, I’m putting more focus back on the inside of my house. I have a new secret project that I can’t wait to tell you about (oh the suspense!) but I’m thinking that my bedroom needs a little lift as well. You guys have all met my bedroom.

My friends have bugged me about the purple walls since the moment they laid eyes on them. I truly believe that it could be pulled off, but not by me. Lately I’ve really been loving dark, dramatic bedrooms. Since this room gets a lot of sunlight, I think it could work. And since this is my sleepy place, it might be good to have a nice cozy cave-like shade in here. I obviously don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

But these people do:

Martha, found here

Nicole, found here

I know I’ve seen a bunch more beautiful spaces with deep tones on the walls, but I’m kinda feeling too lazy to find them right now. What do you guys think” Is it something I could pull off? Would I get sick of it? Would it be depressing?