See, aren’t they beautiful?


No, of course they’re not installed yet. But could I resist telling you about them? Of course not.

I think the floors are the last big thing about my house that when you walk in you go “Oh, cute- oh nice, I like what you’ve done with the- oh wow, you could really use new floors.” Hopefully after they are installed, all you will see is “cute!” (Since I’m not a hoity toity designer, I don’t aim for words like “esquisitely designed” or “flawlessly executed” or “wow your house should be in Architectural Digest”. I’m thrilled when people say “cute”.)

Now listen, guys. I feel like a real jerk, because a few months ago I made a poll asking for your opinions on what to do with my floors (refinish, replace, cover up, etc). And I appreciated each and every one of your answers- I really did. Why then, am I doing the opposite and putting in all new laminate wood-look flooring?

Well, a few reasons.

  1. I want to get this done, and the thought of pulling everything out and hoping for good weather for 3-5 days while I refinish is just too daunting.
  2. The gaps. I have no doubt that these floors could be made to look really, really nice. But the gaps bug the crap out of me. Every time I sweep or mop, extra dirt gets pushed into the gaps and it’s really annoying to get out. Plus when I’m barefoot I’m always nervous I’m going to step on a gap. I thought about patching them, but most people I talked to said that the patches pop out and they’ve just resigned to having gaps. I don’t like gaps.
  3. The existing wood is no treasure. It’s thin and brittle and was low quality to begin with, so I don’t feel that bad for not rescuing it.
  4. Laminate is a good choice for my neighborhood. New real hardwood would definitely outprice the house for the ‘hood.
  5. A few friends of mine have wood-look laminate, and I really like it. To the untrained eye (ie. the eyes of people who don’t spend their days reading house blogs and visiting Home Depot every waking minute) it looks pretty real. And to the trained eye, it still looks pretty good.
  6. If I had wood floors, I’d be afraid to wear heels on it or let the dog go across it with her big ol claws or move the couch around. I know that laminate needs to be cared for as well, but it seems a little less scary than wood to me (especially since the price is so much lower).
  7. Since they click together and don’t require glue or nails, I don’t feel bad about putting them over the existing wood floors. Someday, a future owner can pull up my laminate and say “What were they thinking covering up these wood floors??” I like to think that someone after me will have that pleasure.

Anyhoo, I had admired Chelsea over at This Fresh Fossil‘s floors before, and one day inquired what brand they were. She kindly responded that they were Harmonics Harvest Oak from Costco. Like the true copycat that I am, I went out and bought it. Plus, it was over 25% off, so it was only $1.25 per square foot. Not bad, my friends- not bad. Including tax and an extra box, it cost me $450.

I’ve been playing around with them a bit, and trying to decide whether to keep the direction the same as the current wood floors.

Option A- same direction

Option B- opposite direction

I’ve pretty much made up my mind to stick with Option A and keep it the same direction, but feel free to weigh in with your opinions anyway. 🙂