You’ll grow if you know what’s good for you, grass!

I sent the above picture to my dad, and he said “I hate to tell you this, girl” -he always calls me “girl” when he’s trying to drive home the fact that I do not know what I’m doing- “but that’s not what you planted. Probably weeds or maybe some of the old grass.”

My mom was in the background going “Oh Michael, why do you have to be so negative all the time??”

Then a sitcom-esque mini argument ensued, and I sat on the other line smiling and almost missing home.

Anyhow, the grass- or weeds- or something- is trying to poke its little head up out of the ground. It’s showing up in patchy little bursts though, which is making me kind of paranoid. I’ve been diligent about keeping it well watered, so all I can do now is wait patiently. Oh and I bought a hose sprinkler timer for $48 which is turning out to be a wonderful purchase. Seriously, do NOT try to water a big ol lawn without one (if you’re not lucky enough to have a real sprinkler system, like me). You will just end up hating your lawn and your life. Trust me. Oh and also, if you get the same kind as I got (the Orbit complete yard watering kit) do NOT buy it online. Why the H is it $96.99 on their website when it’s $48 at Home Depot? The world may never know.

Yet again, the internet fails to be the best shopping option.

If you’re new, or if you are a regular but already forgot how I came to be a lawn-growing obsessed freak, read this post.