And that’s really okay, and is especially good for my grass. So instead of finishing up some projects around the yard, I did the following really exciting things:

Laundry (I know- hang on to the edge of your seat)

Made biscuits (with the best and easiest recipe ever) and flash froze them for future ravenous consumption

De-squeaked the floor by screwing into joists (oh, future homeowners are going to love me) in preparation for the new floors

Wedding reception (congrats Mark and Holly!)

Toy Story 3 in the dollar theater (loved it)

Won at Scrabble (just sayin’)

Fixed vacuum (piece o junk)

Cleaned stuff (this is getting good)

Sat by and watched my just-raked lawn turn into this again:

Walked with Blanche in the rain

Re-created the Battle of Troy trying to give Blanche a bath

Decided that the big hunk o toaster oven is allowed to take up precious counter space, because sometime this winter (yes, winter- it’s snowing in Salt Lake) I might need to pluck one of the aforementioned biscuits from the freezer and make just one

Tried and failed to hang up the new flower I got from the farmers’ market on the front of the house (broke the carbide bit)

Forgot to get an oil change (again)- oops

Finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (review to come)

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I hope you all had as much fun as I did!