November 2010

I’m supposed to be back home right now, but some dummy booked my flight for 9:40pm instead of 9:40am (who could that have been?). I didn’t discover it until I got to the gate, so that was fun.

Since I’m back at my sister’s house homestead and I haven’t written a post in about a week, I think I’ll write about their Christmas present from my dad- a chicken coop!

They already had this metal barn on their property, so they decided to turn the far right end of it into the coop.

The coop (egg boxes are accessible from the front for easy egg collection):

Egg boxes:

Egg boxes from inside:

You can even feed the chickens without having to go inside the coop! Although they are really soft and friendly, so I’m sure they will get plenty of attention from the kiddos.

Some cuteness:

Why oh why do some pictures show right-side-up in iPhoto and then upload sideways?

And this is their house from the chicken coop:

Not a bad little spread, huh? (I first wrote about my sister’s new house here.) They really are living the dream. Chickens, bunnies, and a pony soon (shh- that one’s a surprise!), plenty of room for forts and galavanting, a huge fire pit, a pond… I’ve loved visiting!

What do you guys think about keeping chickens? I love the thought of having fresh eggs from non hormone containing chickens that get to walk around and have friends. A chicken coop may be in my future…

Let’s say that theoretically, someone who has named her blog something along the lines of “Cool Home Chick” or “Chic Abode Female” or “Trendy Dwelling Bird” or… “Hip House Girl”… suddenly finds herself in a position of engagement? Does she change the name of her blog? “Hip House Girl and Boy”? “Hip House Woman and Man”? (eek… grown up.) “Hip House Couple”? Oh and did I say theoretically? Because I meant empirically.

That’s right folks, Stanley and I are engaged! This hard-workin’ geologist has finally (I kid… sort of :-)) given me a ring, and we’re going to make this thing a whole lot easier and have him join the family- the one that currently includes me, Jesse the cat, Blanche the dog, and the house. It’s been a crazy weekend, but I’m so happy to know that this guy is going to be by my side for the long haul.

Things I love about this guy:

  • He works hard at everything he does.
  • He does nice little things for me, like put toothpaste on my toothbrush (he sets it down in the bathroom and I’ll discover it later).
  • He makes awesome food.
  • He gets me thoughtful things, like cool plants from Cactus & Tropical (which I promptly kill, so he has kind of stopped doing this one) and an antique grate to put over the ugly hole in the kitchen (and then he makes it look nice and hangs it up and even cleans up the mess)
  • He makes me laugh hardcore.
  • He laughs at my jokes (this gives me self-confidence to make even more stupid jokes, which fuels the vicious cycle).
  • He looooooooves the kitty. Seriously, sometimes it’s a little weird.
  • He is a really good teacher. When I was flailing wildly through O-Chem, he kept me on track and really helped me understand it (and I got an A: just had to throw that in there)
  • He is really cute with my nieces and nephews.
  • He holds me accountable for things- house projects, school, etc- without making me feel like he’s my dad.
  • He thinks I’m smart. And pretty. And funny. And great. And awesome. And talented. And fun. And and and (oh… this list isn’t about me?)
  • He picked out a really thoughtful ring for me. I knew I didn’t want prongs because I hate jewelry that catches on things, and he researched the crap out of stones to get. He knew I didn’t want a diamond, so he picked a beautiful sapphire. I was really impressed that he spent time analyzing the cuts and clarity and angles and stuff, instead of just going “How many carats ya want?” (Not that there’s anything wrong with asking how many carats…”)
  • He inspires me to be a better person.
  • We share similar views on a lot of stuff that I won’t bore you with
  • He helps make the world a better place
  • Some more stuff that I can’t put into words
  • He’s pretty good lookin’.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures for you guys yet. I’m at my sister’s house in Houston, and I wanted to post this before I get back home in 5 days. I’ll put up some pictures then. And don’t worry, this is NOT going to turn into a wedding blog. I am almost as clueless about weddings as Stan is, so I’ll be lucky if I successfully buy a dress. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Oh and we don’t have a date picked yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

When I was filling nail holes on the recently-installed quarter-round, I decided to also patch a few dents and cracks in the walls. I was just going to do a couple.

Juuuuust a couple. Oops.

PS- I woke up at 12:34 today due to getting home at 4am due to seeing the 12:40 showing of Harry Potter. Anyone else see it yet? It was good, but there were some awkward parts. That’s all I’m going to say.

I’m making a Roman shade (note to self: google “Why are Roman shades Roman”).

I started with some $3.99 mini blinds,

Gave them a slat-ectomy,

And glued (yes, glued) some fabric to them.

There is a problem though. Apparently someone slipped some drugs into my huevos rancheros, because I somehow glued the heavy bottom piece on all lopsided.

On this side, the fabric comes out farther than the plastic piece:

On this side, the plastic piece sticks out:

I don’t have any idea how such a tragedy happened, nor do I know if it’s worth my time to peel off the piece and do it again. Sigh… I probably will though. I got two opinions on the matter.


It's fine! no one will notice it.


Stink eye

Who’s right- Carrie or Wendy?

PS- I stole this idea from Little Green Notebook– and she has much better instructions than I do, if you were so inclined to make one of these yourself.

Today over at Yellow Brick Home, I am… wait for it… GUEST BLOGGING!! Sorry, but I was excited. Srsly guys, they have such an awesome colorful home and after (AFTER- ME FIRST) you read the post I wrote, you should check out their tour. F’rills, it’s one of my faves.

Ever wonder what happened to these?

Click here to find out!

In his signature nerdstyle, Stan created a formula in MATLAB (the student version of a mathematical and engineering calculation program) that would not only randomly generate a winner for the giveaway, but would also do a fun little Biggest Loser-style high-intensity number scroll. I was intrigued, and you should be too. Check out the video for some edge-of-your-seat action and awkward name shouting toward the end!






Congratulations, Wendy!

Not to hype it up, but I can’t resist an opportunity for a good (or not so good) pun.

This is how my living room looked before. I know the wood floors look ok here, maybe even charming, but that’s because I don’t know how to take a decent photo and the bad photography covers up the worst parts.

I didn’t just apologize to my readers for not saving these old cheap hardwoods- I also felt it necessary to apologize to any future laminate-haters that might one day own my house:

I have no regrets.

It’s so light and bright and finished in here, and the floor actually looks clean after I clean it. I have to thank Chelsea over at This Fresh Fossil, because I totally copied her floors. Yep- exact same brand and color. I scored them from Costco on sale, too- for over 25% off, bringing the total to $1.25 per square foot. Not too shabby, especially with pre-attached underlayment and easy-click and general high quality. (Note- it’s not a difficult installation per se, but they don’t just click together like legos, either. It takes some finagling.)

And yes, as you can tell, I spent a considerable amount of time sitting on the floor today enjoying/taking pictures of my new floors.

I ripped the strip. The vast majority of the work was done months ago, but this one little corner remained. Of course it’s the one on my side, too, so I looked at it every single day and just got used to the bare dirt look (I don’t have a “before” pic but we all know what dirt looks like). But life doesn’t have to be this way!

I can finish a project! I really really can!

As is custom in these desert parts, the dirt had turned a nice rock-solid fired clay consistency, so digging out for the bricks was, as they say, a B. I did it though. Then I used the rest of the rocks (yes, purchased rocks) and filled in the area around the water main, so that no annoying plants will grow over it and tickle your face or be all up in your grill (or your butt) when you have to do something like this.

I realize that I could have moved that yellow flower and just done a straight line of bricks, but I didn’t want the linear look, so I just curved around it (and now it looks like Nevada). By the way, some jerk walked by and picked the whole top of it off. The nerve of people. It better have been a small child.

So yes- now I can officially cross this item off of my list. Oh and as I said before, I like the idea of doing rocks on the edges because I would be mad if some dingbat driver (not that any of the people who visit my house fit that description!) pulled into my driveway all careless-like and drove over a plant.

I’m hoping that next year the plants will take off and fill in the strip better, making it a desert oasis of wonder.

Yeah, because I like you guys, I try to brighten up your Monday mornings whenever I can. And this morning, I have more than just my wit and charm to do the job- I have a chance for you to win $45 to use at a CSN store! Is your morning brighter yet? It better be.

If your bathroom needs some finishing (or some starting) touches, I suggest you check out their bathroom furniture. But they also have a whole mess of other stores (all of them are at to choose from. If you wanna win some stuff (and yes, according to Starbucks Christmas is just around the corner so you better be getting ready) read the rules below and get to commenting.

  • Leave a comment- any comment (PG). If you want to be fun, tell me the most creative name you’ve ever heard for a pet. Or your favorite holiday. Or your favorite ice cream.
  • Make sure there’s some way to contact you (email, link to your blog, etc)
  • Gotta live in the US or Canada
  • This giveaway will close 11/14/10 at 8pm
  • Yes, people who know me in real life are allowed to enter (duh, sillies)

Good luck! Oh, and in case you are wondering, the new floors are FINISHED. But you can’t see pictures yet. Because I’m getting an inferiority complex due to my crappy photography next to your lovely photography. I’m going to make Stan come take pictures with his DSLR, but that might be another week because I want to do it in the daytime and like I said before, the whole day job thing kinda gets in the way. I know, I’m cruel. Enter the giveaway.

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