Yeah, because I like you guys, I try to brighten up your Monday mornings whenever I can. And this morning, I have more than just my wit and charm to do the job- I have a chance for you to win $45 to use at a CSN store! Is your morning brighter yet? It better be.

If your bathroom needs some finishing (or some starting) touches, I suggest you check out their bathroom furniture. But they also have a whole mess of other stores (all of them are at to choose from. If you wanna win some stuff (and yes, according to Starbucks Christmas is just around the corner so you better be getting ready) read the rules below and get to commenting.

  • Leave a comment- any comment (PG). If you want to be fun, tell me the most creative name you’ve ever heard for a pet. Or your favorite holiday. Or your favorite ice cream.
  • Make sure there’s some way to contact you (email, link to your blog, etc)
  • Gotta live in the US or Canada
  • This giveaway will close 11/14/10 at 8pm
  • Yes, people who know me in real life are allowed to enter (duh, sillies)

Good luck! Oh, and in case you are wondering, the new floors are FINISHED. But you can’t see pictures yet. Because I’m getting an inferiority complex due to my crappy photography next to your lovely photography. I’m going to make Stan come take pictures with his DSLR, but that might be another week because I want to do it in the daytime and like I said before, the whole day job thing kinda gets in the way. I know, I’m cruel. Enter the giveaway.