I ripped the strip. The vast majority of the work was done months ago, but this one little corner remained. Of course it’s the one on my side, too, so I looked at it every single day and just got used to the bare dirt look (I don’t have a “before” pic but we all know what dirt looks like). But life doesn’t have to be this way!

I can finish a project! I really really can!

As is custom in these desert parts, the dirt had turned a nice rock-solid fired clay consistency, so digging out for the bricks was, as they say, a B. I did it though. Then I used the rest of the rocks (yes, purchased rocks) and filled in the area around the water main, so that no annoying plants will grow over it and tickle your face or be all up in your grill (or your butt) when you have to do something like this.

I realize that I could have moved that yellow flower and just done a straight line of bricks, but I didn’t want the linear look, so I just curved around it (and now it looks like Nevada). By the way, some jerk walked by and picked the whole top of it off. The nerve of people. It better have been a small child.

So yes- now I can officially cross this item off of my list. Oh and as I said before, I like the idea of doing rocks on the edges because I would be mad if some dingbat driver (not that any of the people who visit my house fit that description!) pulled into my driveway all careless-like and drove over a plant.

I’m hoping that next year the plants will take off and fill in the strip better, making it a desert oasis of wonder.