Not to hype it up, but I can’t resist an opportunity for a good (or not so good) pun.

This is how my living room looked before. I know the wood floors look ok here, maybe even charming, but that’s because I don’t know how to take a decent photo and the bad photography covers up the worst parts.

I didn’t just apologize to my readers for not saving these old cheap hardwoods- I also felt it necessary to apologize to any future laminate-haters that might one day own my house:

I have no regrets.

It’s so light and bright and finished in here, and the floor actually looks clean after I clean it. I have to thank Chelsea over at This Fresh Fossil, because I totally copied her floors. Yep- exact same brand and color. I scored them from Costco on sale, too- for over 25% off, bringing the total to $1.25 per square foot. Not too shabby, especially with pre-attached underlayment and easy-click and general high quality. (Note- it’s not a difficult installation per se, but they don’t just click together like legos, either. It takes some finagling.)

And yes, as you can tell, I spent a considerable amount of time sitting on the floor today enjoying/taking pictures of my new floors.