I’m making a Roman shade (note to self: google “Why are Roman shades Roman”).

I started with some $3.99 mini blinds,

Gave them a slat-ectomy,

And glued (yes, glued) some fabric to them.

There is a problem though. Apparently someone slipped some drugs into my huevos rancheros, because I somehow glued the heavy bottom piece on all lopsided.

On this side, the fabric comes out farther than the plastic piece:

On this side, the plastic piece sticks out:

I don’t have any idea how such a tragedy happened, nor do I know if it’s worth my time to peel off the piece and do it again. Sigh… I probably will though. I got two opinions on the matter.


It's fine! no one will notice it.


Stink eye

Who’s right- Carrie or Wendy?

PS- I stole this idea from Little Green Notebook– and she has much better instructions than I do, if you were so inclined to make one of these yourself.