I’m supposed to be back home right now, but some dummy booked my flight for 9:40pm instead of 9:40am (who could that have been?). I didn’t discover it until I got to the gate, so that was fun.

Since I’m back at my sister’s house homestead and I haven’t written a post in about a week, I think I’ll write about their Christmas present from my dad- a chicken coop!

They already had this metal barn on their property, so they decided to turn the far right end of it into the coop.

The coop (egg boxes are accessible from the front for easy egg collection):

Egg boxes:

Egg boxes from inside:

You can even feed the chickens without having to go inside the coop! Although they are really soft and friendly, so I’m sure they will get plenty of attention from the kiddos.

Some cuteness:

Why oh why do some pictures show right-side-up in iPhoto and then upload sideways?

And this is their house from the chicken coop:

Not a bad little spread, huh? (I first wrote about my sister’s new house here.) They really are living the dream. Chickens, bunnies, and a pony soon (shh- that one’s a surprise!), plenty of room for forts and galavanting, a huge fire pit, a pond… I’ve loved visiting!

What do you guys think about keeping chickens? I love the thought of having fresh eggs from non hormone containing chickens that get to walk around and have friends. A chicken coop may be in my future…