I’ve never decorated for Christmas on my own before- just with my mom. I used to love pulling out the boxes of Christmas decorations and rediscovering all the trinkets from the year before. Now, I have a new goal- keep Christmas decor to 1 Rubbermaid container. ONE! Also, keep it cheapo, schmeapo.

I found some red beaded garland stuff at the DI (Utah version of Goodwill) for $1 (for 4 strands) in the summertime. I liked its simplicity, so I bought it.

Then yesterday, I found a wooden wreath there for $3. Here it is!

It was super dusty gross, but I microfibered the crap out of it. Next time I borrow an air compressor, I’ll give it a blast with that (sure, that’ll happen).

I then wrapped one strand ($0.25 worth) of red beads around it. Voila- a Christmas wreath!

It looks kinda sloppy, but that’s my trademark. It matches my hair.

I was going to wait until after Christmas to get a few (JUST A FEW) decorations, but Roberts sucked me in with their 50% off all-things-Christmas sale (and I totally forgot what I went in there for in the first place).

So for $4 each I bought some garland.

Looky there- my front porch is all pimped out (well, as pimped out as I want it to be) for Christmas for a total of $11.25.

Mailbox, you gots ta go.

Except then Stan wanted to put lights on the big tree in the parking strip…