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When we got engaged, we tried taking a cute picture in Photo Booth that would showcase the ring and also how excited we were. I did not post any of them because they turned out pretty dumb. But I was looking through them again and I decided that for some reason, I should show you now.


"We're engaged and this is exciting! Crazyface!!!!"

“We’re engaged and this is boring.”

"We're engaged and Ima tickle you!"

"We're engaged! See, look at the ring on my manly McSausageFingers."

"We're engaged! Look at the damn ring!"

Okay, I’ll show you a real picture of the ring (I even put on lotion for you).

Sapphire me.

Just for fun, here’s an old Photo Booth pic of us with shorter hair.

Stan wants me to cut my hair like that for the wedding- I don’t think so.

And guys, can I please ask your advice? I know I said this isn’t becoming a wedding blog, and it isn’t, but I know there are a billion of you out there (and maybe 2 or 3 who are willing to comment on my blog) who immensely enjoy weddings and planning them. Can you recommend a good book I should get to get started on this madness? So far I’ve heard of The Offbeat Bride, the Anti Bride Wedding Planner, and about a bazillion other ones on Amazon. If anyone can recommend a good one that’s possibly a little nontraditional (in the sense that I have no interest in looking like a snowbeast or spending a shload of dough unnecessarily), a little (or a lot) budget, and a little DIY, I would forever be grateful.

I’m also officially taking suggestions for good wedding blogs- oh man- let the obsession begin.