In keeping with the theme I have going on of posting awesome stuff in and around other people’s houses because my own is a bit lacking lately, let me show you something awesome that my dad built with his own two hands.

Yup, it’s a greenhouse. Because Oklahoma doesn’t have a long enough summer. 🙂

Since this side of the yard (the south side) was the perfect spot despite the slope, he built up the ground, made the footings and laid the cement himself.

Then he assembled his $500 kit. Apparently that’s a steal for a setup like this- he had to drive 70 miles, disassemble it from some dude’s backyard, and bring it back.

Notice on the right-hand side that he’s doing a little experiment- instead of finishing the pavers and having everything in containers, he’s trying out planting straight into the ground. Those windows open and close according to the thermostat, if I understand it correctly.

That light is on a motorized track and goes back and forth to simulate sunlight.

These pictures are from when he first completed construction- when I was there over Thanksgiving, it was a warm, green paradise bursting with life and awesomeness.

Here it is at night:

My dad thinks it looks like a spaceship.

How cool, right? I would love to have something like this someday. He’s wanted one all his life (I think he even scrounged windows when we lived in Colorado with the plan of using them for a greenhouse) and he’s finally made it happen. Go dad! (Bring me a tomato for Christmas.)