Remember when I won that giant giveaway that Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog so awesomely put together? I won so much cool Etsy stuff! I’ve been thrilled seeing the gifts arrive at my house, and I have plans for all of them. Ok so I won’t lie- I’m going to keep some of them. But I’ll also get into the Christmas spirit and give some of them away.

The first one was not a Christmas gift, but a baby gift. When I won a print from Our Humble A{Bowe}d‘s Etsy Shop, I decided that it should go to someone I hadn’t even met yet- little “Baby E” as her mom, my friend Kristin, referred to her throughout her pregnancy. I had Amanda customize the tree-ring print with “baby e” and a green color that I thought mom would like, and put it in a frame. I also figured she could probably use some diapers.

Just hours after I dropped off the gift, her mom went into labor and the little miracle was born!

Meet Eleanor.

“The loveliest little lady her mommy ever met” is how the photographer described her. I just can’t get enough of this picture.